Customer Reviews

Myles McReynolds


I don’t think a better experience is even possible! Seth and his team work tirelessly to make sure that you are on track with all of the closing requirements. They are attentive, extremely available, knowledgeable, and professional. We were total newbies at the whole process, and Seth answered all of our questions without making us feel like we were dummies! I can’t recommend their services enough! They got us an outstanding loan with all the perks, and worked for a quick and easy closing. Thank you, Seth and company, and Nova for your amazing business! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!


Andrew Simonton


Just purchased our 2nd home with Seth Wilcock and his team. Great service from application to close, start to finish. Don’t waste your time with online mortgage companies, you are going to want your finance team at the table with you and available day or night.

Seth does a great job and has a strong commitment to his clientele. Our first home was an FHA loan with a sub 250k purchase price. Couldn’t have been a valuable deal for anyone in finance…. but Seth gave us a great experience. There wasn’t anybody else I reached out to when it came time to purchase our 2nd home.


Seth was incredible to work with. I had tried to get a quote from a big national bank and they all but laughed at me. A friend told me of her great experience with Seth, so I reach out. He was always incredibly responsive. He gave me reminders when I needed them, followed up in a timely manner, and was personable and encouraging throughout the entire process. I would recommend him and Nova to anyone and everyone. It was a pleasure. Thank you, Seth, for getting me into my first home!


I worked with Seth and the team and NOVA to get my first mortgage. Seth answered all of my questions quickly & in a way that was easy to understand. I never felt like he was annoyed when I asked a question, and I felt comfortable asking him questions throughout the entire process. And, really, everyone I worked with from NOVA seemed great. Whenever I had to work with someone other than Seth for the different stages of the process, they were also really nice and fast at responding to emails. The whole process can be intimidating and overwhelming, and I’ve now learned that it is worth it to take the time to find a team that is a good fit for you. Seth was actually a lot of fun to work with, which made everything much easier/more enjoyable than I thought possible. With Seth and at NOVA, everyone was kind and respectful, and I felt like I was more than just another customer. I would highly recommend Seth to anyone looking for a mortgage!


Gerrid Vandermolen


Seth was amazing to work with. He provided a knowledgable staff and ease of closing. He was always available whenever I needed a question answered. His team provided the best service and walked us through the whole process. I would recommend Seth and his team to anyone looking to refinance or purchase their next home. Thanks for all of the hard work.